Our coffee philosophy here at Foxy Bean is very simple: To use only the best possible ingredients with lots of love and tenderness and you will be guaranteed to get a great cup of coffee everytime. That is why we are proud to use Genovese coffee, Barambah Organics milk, Bonsoy, and organic raw sugar. Our baristas enjoy making coffee and pride ourselves in tailoring a coffee to your tastes.

Genovese Coffee

Genovese coffee  is an absolute pleasure to work with. And Drink!! This family owned and operated business in Melbourne has been trading their unique blend of beans from 14 different origins for over 60 years now and each batch is still tasted by 3 family members before it is ready for the market. Their combination(whatever it is) has been winning over more and more people with its consistency and depth.  We wouldn’t use anything else!

Barambah Organics

Are a family based company that produces high quality, award winning, certified organic products including milks, cheeses and their yummy yoghurt’s. We are extremely pleased to be using this exquisite product, made by the loveliest people. Everyone here at Foxy Bean would like to extend our appreciation of all your hard work that you had to have put in to recover from the latest floods. Thanks!


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